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Single-use Cleanroom Gloves

Stock: Available Code: 529-6
Mapa's AdvanTech 529s are hypoallergenic, Silicone free, with low levels of contaminants, particulate content and NVRs. Benefits Recommended for ISO Class 4+ Cleanrooms Chemical resistant Excellent ESD properties Low levels of extractable's Flexible and extremely comfortable Superior grip Am..
Stock: LEAD-TIME: 2-3 days from order placed Code: CLG-XS
ASAP Nitrile ISO 5+ Cleanroom Nitrile GlovesFeaturesControlled level of contaminationPacked in an ISO Class 5/Class 100 environment, double vacuumed bagged in clean room compatible packaging and packed into a lined shipper carton.Low extractable particulate levelProcessed in a controlled powder-free..
Stock: Available Code: G5030-S-PK/100
The Kanebo Glove is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPE-U) spun bond, known as Espansione® and developed by KB Seiren Ltd. The structure comprises randomly laminated fine continuous filaments of 100% elastic polyurethane. Espansione® possesses many superb characteristics, such as high stretc..
Stock: Available Code: INCP200
Nitrile ISO Class 5+, ambidextrous, Cleanroom Gloves are Latex-free, Powder-free and resistant to a range of Chemicals. Featuring a beaded cuff for additional strength, with textured fingertips and excellent synthetic rubber copolymers composition to ensure superior grip.FeaturesISO Class 5+ Cleanro..
Stock: Available Code: NG10-S
Nitrile Gloves are compatible with ISO Class 4+ Cleanrooms. Featuring a beaded cuff with textured fingertips and excellent synthetic rubber copolymers composition to ensure superior grip and is ideal for use within electrically sensitive applications. BenefitsISO Class 4+Latex freePowder-freeFr..
Stock: Lead-time: 7 - 14 days from order placed Code: 93-401-XS-PK-100
Non-sterile accelerator-free cleanroom gloves are made from soft yet durable nitrile. Assured cleanliness: Nitrilite 93-401 protective gloves are specially designed for use in Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanroom environments. Improved product protection: Made from a soft yet durable nitrile formulation, thes..
Stock: Available Code: PFXT201-S
The Latex 'Correct Touch' ambidextrous 12" (300mm) long cleanroom gloves are meticulously crafted to meet ISO 5+ cleanroom standards. Engineered with precision and care, these gloves provide exceptional protection against contaminants while offering superior comfort and dexterity. They feature a tap..
Stock: Available Code: XTRA-S-PK/100
Xtraclean Vinyl Cleanroom Glove offers an economical alternative to Nitrile. The Xtraclean Glove is a blend of PVC resins that combines exceptional physical properties, cleanliness and is latex-free.  Provides high levels of sensitivity, enhanced tensile strength and elongation, giving operator..
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