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Bucket Systems

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Replacement Click Mop Wringer for Klericide Bucket systemThe controlled application process is simple and easy to complete. When wringing out the mophead in the Klercide Triple Bucket System wringer, the operator should listen for a 'click' sound when the wringer handle is pulled down. Once this is ..
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The double-bucket system is designed for smaller facilities which do not have the space to store the triple-bucket system. This trolley is small enough to wheel under a bench. The two-bucket system allows the dirty water to be wrung out into a separate bucket so as not to contaminate or weaken the c..
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The Klercide Triple Bucket System with Audible Wringer. Includes a stainless steel trolley with polymer castors, a stainless steel audible click wringer, and three colour-coded buckets (1 x red, 1x Blue & 1x Black) and x4 small plastic holders for the top of the trolley to hold small accessories..
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